Episode 7 - Alice Bell

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  • Song Name: Episode 7 - Alice Bell
  • Artist: Chris Slight, Alice Bell
  • Album: Game & Talk
  • Year: 2013

Alice is back and this week with the news of Alien Isolation being on the horizon we discuss how the FPS might not be the best choice for the franchise. Alice buys a 3DS and talks Pokemon, Zelda and how games are getting easier. Chris has played Beyond : Two Souls, this section contains spoilers, and leads to a debate on the possibility video games as a medium bring us. Borderlands 2 DLC and The Stanley Parable are also covered.

Be sure to follow Alice on twitter twitter.com/MiniLadyBell. I’m on twitter n’all twitter.com/chrisslight and video game videos and writing can be found at chrisslightgames.tumblr.com. Artwork was provided by Leanne Wade, who can be found on twitter twitter.com/HeyLeamonade. Today's intro was The Quietus and the outro is Blackberry, both can be found on the album Ghost by The Devin Townsend Project copyright hevydevy records and inside out music.