Episode 6 - Alice Bell

  • Play:
  • Year: 2013

I'm joined this week by freelance writer Alice Bell as we discuss Ubisoft's delay of Watchdogs, next gen worries, Mass Effect 4, the steam box. Papers Please! get's a mention in Games What I've Played as well as GTA V, The Wolf Among Us and Cookie Clicker.

Be sure to follow Alice on twitter. You can find her @MiniLadyBell . You can find me on twitter @chrisslight and videos and writing about those video games can be found at chrisslightgames.tumblr.com. Artwork was provided by Leanne Wade who can be found on twitter @HeyLeamonade and todays intro was War by The Devin Townsned Project and the outro is Hyperdrive also by The Devin Towsnend Project. Both can be found on the new live album The Retinal Circus, copywrite HevyDevy Records and Inside Out Music.